Board of Directors´ Report

Metsähallitus Employees

Business operations, person-years 15 April-31 December 2016
Laatumaa 33.0
Group operations 31.7
Shared service units 43.5

Forestry Ltd 470.5
Fin Forelia Oy 49.6
MH Stone Ltd. 1.4
Siemen Forelia Oy 8.9
Total 638.6

Parks & Wildlife Finland 388.5

Group total 1,027.0

During the period under review, the total number of person-years worked in the group was 1,027. At the beginning of the financial period, all staff members of the enterprise’s Forestry unit transferred to the new company. Forestry Ltd is the largest employer within the Group. During the financial period, the total number of person-years worked amounted to 470.5. Of this total, office employees accounted for 208.2 and other employees for 262.3 person-years.

The total number of person-years in the enterprise’s business was 108.2 and 388.5 in Parks & Wildlife Finland. The total for the enterprise was 496.7 person-years. Wages and salaries paid by the Group totalled EUR 42.3 million. The parent enterprise's share of this was EUR 22.5 million. The Group has no employees abroad.

All of Metsähallitus employees have been included in a profit sharing system since the beginning of 2008. The bonus criteria are linked to objectives set for the financial result and the quality and impacts of operations. The maximum bonus is 8 per cent of the total payroll. No payable bonuses accrued for the year under review.

In the autumn, Metsähallitus conducted an employee survey. Positive factors included the equal treatment of men and women, commendable occupational safety activities and the high rating given for the work of immediate supervisors. The staff's enthusiasm and high energy affect the performance of the organisation as a whole, and this aspect of working capacity was examined using an emotional indicator. On a scale of 1 to 5, Metsähallitus’ working capacity was rated at 3.86, which is good. The various components of this aspect include the clarity of responsibilities, the experience of being appreciated within the working community, opportunities to influence one’s own work and learning new things. Factors threatening occupational well-being included greater hurry and the feeling that working hours are inadequate for the tasks in hand.

The implementation of the new strategy and definition of the values of the new Metsähallitus began in December, by involving the employees in the restructuring effort.

Administration and management

The Board of Directors appointed for Metsähallitus on 26 March 2015, served as the Board of Directors of the new Metsähallitus during the period 15 April-30 May 2016. Arto Tiitinen was the Chairman of the Board and Kai Kaatra the Vice Chairman. The Board members were Anne Ilola, Janne Seurujärvi, Tuija Soanjärvi and Helena Säteri, and Pertti Itkonen as the employee representative.

On 26 May 2016, the Government appointed the first Board of Directors for Metsähallitus for the period 1 June 2016-31 March 2019 in accordance with the new legislation.

Timo Laitinen was appointed Chairman of the Board, Kai Kaatra Vice Chairman and the members of the Board as follows: Johanna Ikäheimo, Simo Rundgren, Tuija Soanjärvi, Liisa Tyrväinen, Helena Säteri and Pertti Itkonen as the employee representative.

The auditor of the enterprise is Authorised Public Accountants KMPG, the responsible auditors are Jorma Nurkkala, Authorised Public Accountant, Chartered Public Finance Auditor and Leif-Erik Forsberg, Authorised Public Accountant, Chartered Public Finance Auditor.

Until 31 August, Metsähallitus’ Director General was Esa Härmälä. Pentti Hyttinen was appointed Director General from 1 September.

Metsähallitus’ Management Group members are Jussi Kumpula, CEO, Forestry Ltd; Thomas Hallenberg, Director; Rauno Väisänen, Executive Director, Parks & Wildlife Finland until 31 August and, from 1 September, Timo Tanninen; Jukka Bisi, Director, Game and Fisheries; Kirsti Lehtovaara, Director of Finance; Juha Mäkinen, Director of Communications; Susanna Oikarinen, General Counsel; and Tapio Pouta, Director, Human Resources and Development.

The wages and salaries paid to the Board and Managing Director totalled EUR 347,515 during the period.