Board of Directors´ Report

Public Administrative Duties

The unit in charge of public administrative duties is responsible for managing the public administrative duties of Metsähallitus. These duties form part of the enterprise.

Separate financial statements are prepared for the public administrative duties, as part of the Group's financial statements. The steering ministries defined goals for the public administrative duties for the entire budgetary year of 2016. Separate financial statements have been prepared for the full year, 1 January to 31 December 2016.

Information on the business accounting relating to public administrative duties for the period 15 April to 31 December 2016 is consolidated with the Group’s and the enterprise’s financial statements.


Profit and Loss Account, Public Administrative Duties

EUR million 15 Apr–31 Dec 2016
Turnover 9.0
Other income 2.3
Raw materials and services 6.9
Staff expenses 19.8
Depreciation 1.3
Other operating costs 18.2
Operating profit -34.8
Financing for other operations from the Budget

Profit/loss for financial period -0.9

Turnover consists of the income from operations related to public administrative duties which are subject to a charge. Fishing and hunting licences account for most such income. Funding received from state budgets amounted to EUR 33.8 million.

The value of land and water areas used for public administrative duties was EUR 941.6 million. The value of built property, including the buildings and service structures in national parks and protected areas, and buildings in cultural heritage sites, was EUR 19.9 million. Other equity related to public administrative duties increased during the financial period. Transfers of possession added EUR 13.5 million to the balance sheet.

The funding of public administrative duties is managed separately from the Group's other funding. Cash flow from operations during the period showed a deficit of EUR 6.9 million. Liquid funds at the beginning of the financial period totalled EUR 14.2 million and EUR 7.8 million at the end of the financial period.

Metsähallitus owns two subsidiaries for the management of public administrative duties. The results of these companies are taken into account in the consolidated financial statements for the period 15 April-31 December. Nuuksiokeskus Ltd showed a loss of EUR 503 thousand for the financial period, and EUR 327 thousand for the full year. Kiinteistöosakeyhtiö Järviluonnon keskus was inactive during the financial period.