Financial Statements

Other Notes


Contingent liabilities (MEUR)
Metsähallitus Group 2016 Metsähallitus 2016
Leasing liabilities

paid during the financial year
1.1 1.0

to be paid during the following year
2.6 2.4

to be paid at a later date
2.3 2.2
Business mortgages
0.9 0.0
Bank guarantee liabilities
2.3 0.7
Other banking liabilities
1.5 1.0
Deposited securities, guarantee deposits
0.8 0.0
Guarantee for subsidiary's liabilities, limits
0.0 0.0
Investment commitments
5.9 5.9

The leasing contracts include a redemption clause after the residual value reaches the agreed level.
The contracts can be terminated with a 3 month notice period.

The Group also has contracts without a redemption clause, mainly for five-year periods.

An inspection responsibility of value added tax is related to the Group's property investments for 10 years as of 2013.

The responsibility for remediation of contaminated sites

In areas administered by Metsähallitus, the responsibility involved in contaminated soil areas lies primarily with the party who was responsible for the contaminating activity.

As the holder of the area, Metsähallitus may be held responsible for the remediation costs of the contaminated soil if the primary responsible party is unable to do so.

Related-party transactions

Public administrative duties receive Budget funding for their operations. The item is reported in the enterprise’s and group’s profit and loss as income on an accrued basis, described in more detail in the separate financial statements.

A contribution to State revenue was paid for the year 2015 and for the period 1 January to 14 April 2016.


Number of employees during the period, person-years
Metsähallitus Group 2016 Metsähallitus 2016
309 0
718 497
1,027 497


Calculated deferred tax assets and liabilities for the calendar year
Metsähallitus Group 2016
Calculated deferred tax assets

from postponed depreciations

from subsidiary losses

from provisions


Auditors' fees (1000 EUR)
Metsähallitus Group 2016 Metsähallitus 2016
KPMG Audit

audit, financial year
45.9 28.1

audit, previous financial year
12.7 0.0

tax consulting
0.0 0.0

other services
276.6 264.3
335.2 292.4