Metsähallitus 2016

Organisation and Management

Metsähallitus, the State Forest Enterprise, provides natural resources sector services to a diverse customer base, ranging from private individuals to major companies.

Metsähallitus’ tasks are divided into business activities and primarily budget-funded, public administration duties. Metsähallitus' business operations comprise its four subsidiaries: Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd, Fin Forelia Oy, Siemen Forelia Oy and MH Kivi Oy and the Property Development business unit. The Public Administration Duties unit comprises National Parks Finland and Wildlife Service Finland.



Group structure

Metsähallitus operates in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In matters relating to nature conservation, it is steered by the Ministry of the Environment.

Metsähallitus' governance is based on the State Enterprise Act (1185/2002) and the Act (1378/2004) and Decree on Metsähallitus (1380/2004). In addition, Metsähallitus’ activities are governed by a range of other legislation, such as the Nature Conservation Act, Fishing Act, Hunting Act, the act on nature-based sources of livelihood and the Outdoor Recreation Act.

The enterprise operates on business principles. The Finnish Parliament annually approves Metsähallitus’ main service goals and other operational objectives. At the same time, it decides the extent to which Metsähallitus’ proceeds from land sales or land and water area property will be used for the acquisition of new nature conservation areas. On the basis of the objectives set by Parliament, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry decides on Metsähallitus’ annual performance targets.

Public administration duties laid down by law are financed from provisions in the state budget, as well as funding sources such as EU project funding and funding from Centres of Employment and the Economy.

Board of Directors

The Government appoints Metsähallitus' Board of Directors for a maximum term of three years. One Board member is appointed from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, one from the Ministry of the Environment and one from Lapland. One member must be a representative of Metsähallitus' personnel and be employed by the enterprise.

Management Group

The Management Group assists the Managing Director in managing the enterprise. The Management Group members are the business unit directors designated by the Managing Director, the Director of the unit responsible for public administrative duties and the Group unit directors.

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Photo: Kari Leo