Metsähallitus 2016

Strategy and Values

Leading the way in a diverse bioeconomy

In the coming years, we will plan and execute our work and activities in such a manner that

  • We guarantee the best possible sustainable return on state-owned land over generations.
  • We enhance the vitality of regions.
  • We lead the way in responsible operations and halt the loss of biodiversity on state lands and waters.
  • We operate uniformly and efficiently, making use of the opportunities of digitalisation.

The strategy was updated to reflect the new Metsähallitus

Metsähallitus' strategy was updated in 2016. The changes in Metsähallitus’ operating environment, the reformed Act on Metsähallitus, the policy definitions in the Government Programme of Prime Minister Sipilä’s Cabinet and changes in the state ownership policy all required the renewal of the strategy. The Government Programme defines objectives not only for Metsähallitus as a whole, but also sets separately determined targets for Metsähallitus’ business operations and the management of its public administrative duties, ranging from the additional use of wood to water protection and global nature tourism. Strategic work focused on the implementation of the requirements resulting from the reform of the Act on Metsähallitus and from the Government Programme.

Internally, Metsähallitus’ strategy plays a different role to those of private companies. Metsähallitus’ operations are steered not only by the strategy, but also by the specific Act, Government-level ownership policy and performance management by the ministries. The contents of Metsähallitus’ strategy are therefore defined by more preconditions than usual. For this reason, the strategy serves as a guideline and tool for management and development in particular.

The new strategy was prepared for the years 2016-2020. The State as the owner, our customers and our stakeholders have a wide range of expectations and objectives regarding the use of state-owned lands and Metsähallitus’ operations. Metsähallitus is required to generate revenues for the government, to engage in regional development, to provide and promote services and well-being for citizens, to safeguard biodiversity and, for example, to actively curb climate change. Metsähallitus intends to meet these objectives and expectations by leading the way in promoting a versatile bio-economy.

We will continue our strategic work in cooperation with our staff. The survey ‘Integrating the Strategy into Everyday’ examined the views of staff on what our common policies mean in their work in concrete terms, and what role each employee plays in attaining the objectives. A common approach will be developed in staff workshops, on the basis of the survey results. The aim is to produce practices and tools derived from the strategy to support management at various levels of the organisation. The work will be completed in the spring of 2017.

Issues important to us

The following values guide our work:

Responsible management and use of natural resources

  • We use natural resources in a sustainable manner and anticipate changes in the environment.
  • Our choices are guided by the ecological, social and economic goals of society.
  • Our operations are based on reliable and diverse information on natural resources.
  • We communicate and discuss our goals and results.


  • We work in a result and growth oriented manner.
  • We provide opportunities for the future through profitable operations.
  • Profitable and productive operations are integral elements of our corporate social responsibility.

Employee well-being

  • Everyone is responsible for well-being and safety in the work community.
  • We support continuous learning and participate in the development of the work community.
  • Everyone has the right to good leadership and open feedback.
  • We treat each other fairly and honestly.


  • Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We take customers’ needs and feedback into account.
  • We actively develop new products and services.

Results through co-operation

  • We all work for a unified Metsähallitus, respecting our differences and capitalising on them.
  • We establish networks and engage in partnerships.
  • We value creativity, transparency and an active approach.
  • We support each other.

Photo: Jari Salonen