Responsibility in the Best Interests of Society

Metsähallitus develops the use of state-owned land and waters responsibly, so that they benefit the whole of society to the fullest possible extent, by generating revenue for the government, increasing the vitality of regions, halting the loss of biodiversity on state-owned lands, and promoting the wellness services provided by nature.

More detailed information on responsibility issues in 2016 is available in the following thematic sections:

Among the most responsible organisations in Finland

According to a stakeholder survey, Metsähallitus still has an excellent reputation for social responsibility. In the respondents’ opinion, Metsähallitus’ key task is the management and felling of forests, sustainable development and the protection and use of natural resources. We have succeeded very well in this. In the respondents' view, we operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and adhere to ethical principles.

According to the annual survey, Metsähallitus’ reputation as a whole remained highly stable in 2012–2016, but the trend is slightly downward. Our reputation is still good: in 2016, the total value of the reputation indicator was 64, which is one reputation point lower than in the previous year, 2015.

Metsähallitus is considered reliable and cooperation with it successful. There is still room for improvement in terms of flexibility, ability to change and the clarity of the task, even if some progress has already been made. The media gave the highest reputation ratings. As in previous years, non-governmental organisations and tourism operators gave the lowest ratings.

The study focused on Metsähallitus’ key stakeholders: customers, the government and policy sector, federations and associations in the forestry sector, non-governmental organisations, the media, and education, research and tourism operators. The survey was conducted by the communications agency Pohjoisranta Burson-Marsteller, on the basis of an online questionnaire and telephone interviews. The total number of responses received was 189. The response rate was 41 (2015:42), which is above average for interest group studies.

Photo: Kari Leo