Landscape Ecological Planning Results Now Available for All Online

Metsähallitus has updated its landscape ecological analysis methods. Landscape ecological planning involves coordinating the ecological, economic, social and cultural values of state-owned land and water areas. Such planning takes account of nature in large forest areas as a phenomenon encompassing multiple-use forests, nature reserves and special recreational areas. The first plan implemented using the new method was drawn up for the region of Eastern Lapland in 2015.

In 2016, information based on landscape ecological plans was entered in Metsähallitus’ public service and published in January 2017. Various land-use decisions concerning state-owned land and water areas were transferred to the service. Areas in various land-use categories have their own specific instructions. For example, key ecological sites are partially or completely excluded from forestry. In areas reserved for recreation and tourism, such as hiking areas, the special features of the area are taken into account in all activities.

The service also provides detailed information on cultural heritage sites on state-owned land and in water areas.

Geographical information in the service is completed once a year on the basis of surveys by Forestry and notifications by people moving about in the wild.

Photo: Tuulikki Halla