Castles and Ruins Revived

Cultural heritage sites transferred from the National Board of Antiquities to Metsähallitus were restored through the Lights On! and RauLi projects for the management of castle ruins and fortifications. In addition to the preservation of valuable historic buildings, the aim is to develop the sites in collaboration with other actors into well-known, attractive and functional tourist destinations, creating opportunities for business operations and events.

Improving the services at Raseborg Castle Ruin began with the construction of a new customer service building and the design of lighting in the castle. New signage was put in place at Iso Linnamäki Castle Hill in Porvoo, in cooperation with the City of Porvoo. The LinnanVirta16 event was celebrated at Kajaani Castle, together with the residents of the city. The renovation of the Välimaa Sámi Farm in Utsjoki was completed. The Svartholma Sea Fortress off the coast of Loviisa and the viewing platform at Värikallio hill in Hossa were repaired to enable visitors to resume exploring these destinations in safety.

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Photo: Liisa Kyrönseppä