Cooperation to Preserve the Common Water Heritage

The seven-year inland water conservation project FRESHABIT LIFE IP was launched at the beginning of 2016. It is the largest project ever funded in Finland by the EU LIFE fund. The project began with a baseline survey; bird counts and exploratory fishing measures were performed, water samples were taken and habitats were charted for eight target areas. In South Savo and Central Finland, Metsähallitus’ representatives spent the summer diving and surveying the underwater nature and cultural heritage.

The FRESHABIT project brings together a large number of actors from different fields who share an interest in developing new, permanent methods and procedures, producing additional information and raising an interest in and the motivation to manage inland waters. The project benefits not only inland water ecology, but also local entrepreneurs, visitors who use water bodies for recreational purposes, and future generations.

The project is coordinated by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland and involves 30 partners.



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Photo: Jari Ilmonen