Energy Wood and Wind Power

Small trees and forest residues for heat production

Forest residues generated during the course of felling in Metsähallitus’ multiple-use forests, and timber of no economic value, are utilised as sources of renewable energy. In Lapland, timber harvested on first-time thinning sites, which would otherwise be wasted, was used as energy wood.

Metsähallitus supplied a total of around 506 GWh of energy wood to power plants in large cities and to industrial facilities, primarily for heating. The ski resorts of Ylläs and Levi were also partially heated with renewable energy harvested on state-owned land.

Active wind power development

Metsähallitus Laatumaa contributes to the development of wind power projects by identifying suitable locations, reserving the areas in question, and leasing them to wind power companies through competitive tendering.

More extensive wind farms are being built on state-owned land to make roads and other infrastructure more economic to build and maintain than for small groups of wind turbines.

Metsähallitus’ vast land assets also allow wind farms to be designed so as to minimise harmful impacts on local residents, nature and other infrastructure. Wind power construction projects were underway in Raahe, Suomussalmi and Hyrynsalmi. Wind farms in Pudasjärvi, Kurikka, Karstula, Pyhäntä, Kajaani and Vieremä were at the planning stage.

Metsähallitus does not participate in construction for wind power projects or the generation of wind power as such. However, Metsähallitus does ensure that wind farm operators comply with the sustainable development criteria it has defined.

Photo: Jari Salonen